In the US, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Despite what you might see around you, it’s not a holiday that exists to mark the beginning of shopping season. It celebrates the harvest, and in the original glossed-over telling, celebrates the connections between people from different backgrounds and cultures.

And each year, we get another chance to make that version true. Every day, in fact.

Two thoughts as you begin to plan your celebration (wherever you are, and whatever day you have it.)

First, I hope you’ll consider the free Thanksgiving Reader. It’s a PDF you can print and share at the event. For years, people have been using it to go around the table and give friends and family a chance to speak and connect. I’m thrilled that it’s already touched more than a million people.

Second, perhaps today would be a good day to share some of those unused Frequent Flyer miles. This organization is well on the way to collecting a billion miles to enable families to have a fresh start before the end of the year. It’s surprisingly easy to donate miles that the airlines are hoping will expire, and see them used for a good cause. I’m giving away two copies of the out-of-print 18-pound titan to people who enter my little sweepstakes celebrating this project.

Readers of this blog are well on the way to donating more than a million miles. [Update: More than 2.5 million miles from this blog so far, thank you.]

Thanks for leading, caring and connecting.