Akimbo updates

Alert readers know that about a year ago, the Akimbo Workshops became an independent B corp, owned and run by the team that I worked with for years. They’ve been doing great work, and tens of thousands of people have benefited from the extraordinary learning that happens when you’re part of a committed cohort.

I’m thrilled that Bernadette Jiwa, Alex DiPalma, Ramon Ray, Kristin Hatcher and Margo Aaron run workshops with them as well.

I’ll be joining the other teachers for an online free-for-all and jamboree on January 11th. Hosted by Ramon Ray, I’m looking forward to joining my friends online. I hope you can come. It’s free and you can sign up for it here.

All of the workshops Akimbo offers will launch at the same time next month. If you’re interested in beginning the new year with more energy and insight, I hope you’ll check them out. You can see the details and choose the one that works for you right here.

And of course, the altMBA, flagship of Akimbo, continues to establish the foundation for a new crop of leaders. Their first session begins soon, the next application deadline is January 4, and you can find the details here as well.

In addition, I’ll be doing a live event with Chip Conley, bestselling author, impresario and big thinker (and my first co-author, from 1986!) in a live chat (with QA) about the Modern Elder Academy on January 8th. I’ll post the details here in a few weeks.

(And, to confuse things, my podcast is also called Akimbo, and we just passed 200 episodes. You can find show notes and subscribe here.)