Someone to take care of it

“If I could just find someone to handle all the sales, I could get back to work.”

“Do you know someone who can do all of the investments, accounting, taxes and strategies around money?”

“Why do I have to spend time managing people, I want to get back to creating.”

I hear this from busy creative entrepreneurs, soloists and creators often.

If someone who cared as much as they did, but was focused and good at something like accounting or sales or management could just join in, life would be so much better.

A consigliere!

A proven partner who is not only trustworthy and skilled, but works cheap and is available to work at the scale of a small team’s operations. Someone able to work full time, or at least focus their full energy, the way you do.

Well, when you put it that way, it’s pretty clear why this is a tough role to fill.

If that superstar salesperson is so good, why on Earth would they want to drop everything and work to build your fledgling operation? Part of being a superstar salesperson is being smart about what you sell–and most of the time, that means picking things that are easier, more obvious and at a larger scale.

The same goes for the money folks. Money is money, and if you’re good at managing it, managing more of it is probably on your agenda.

There are two takeaways from these sobering truths:

  1. It probably doesn’t pay to spend a lot of your day wishing someone magical will take over for you. If it’s important, you might need to get good at it.
  2. The person you eventually find to work on these tasks is most likely to be like you, someone who is learning and growing as they go. They’re on their way to being a superstar, but they’re not there yet. You can get there together.