“The dog ate my homework”

How did the dog become your teacher’s problem?

When we’re actively enrolled in a journey, it’s on us. That’s the requirement once you choose to act professionally. You know the terms, the dates, the structure. It wasn’t even fine print. It’s simply the structure you agreed to be part of.

Of course, enrollment is frightening. Because enrollment confers responsibility. “This is something I’m choosing to do.”

Compulsory education doesn’t often lead to real learning. That’s because compulsory education is coerced. There’s no active enrollment.

For the rest of us, there’s the chance to engage and to move forward. And part of the journey is acknowledging that we have a dog, that life gets in the way, that it’s never the ideal moment or the perfect time. And then doing something about it.

Leaping isn’t easy, but it’s far better and safer than the alternative.