Our new project

It’s something I’ve been working on as a full-time volunteer for the last five months.

And it’s something that three hundred people are building together.

But I say “our” because it’s bigger than me or the three hundred of us or even the people who are reading this blog.

Like it or not, this is the project of the rest of our days.

My publisher announced it this week. You can check it out and pre-order it here.

… the real purpose of this post is to invite you to consider being active in the worldwide launch of The Carbon Almanac this June.

If you have the bandwidth to be part of something important, I hope you’ll consider checking it out and join us in this work. You’ll contribute your skills, learn a lot about strategy and tactics and be connected to an extraordinary group that already spans 41 countries. It’s an all-volunteer project for people ready to commit to help make things better. Because it’s not too late.

[We’re not taking new volunteers just now…we’ll update when it reopens.]