“We don’t care” (you won’t let us)

The customer service from the freight shipping company that came to my home a few months ago was truly terrible. Not simply a lack of care, but an aggressive embrace of uncaring. Every interaction was offputting and inefficient.

This is the result of sort by price.

It turns out that a lot of freight shipping is done through an intermediary. Software automatically scans all available options and picks the cheapest one.

Which means that brands don’t matter, customer feedback doesn’t matter and reviews don’t matter. Neither does corporate responsibility or employee satisfaction.

All that matters is the price the shipper pays and ultimately the price of the stock.

Sort by price insulates the producer from the customer. When we resort to a single metric, we get what we measure, and the side effects pile up.

More and more, the choices are, “You’ll get a discount and you will get less than you paid for” and /or “you’ll pay a bit more and you’ll get more than you paid for.”