The resolution of communication

What’s better, a phone call or a zoom call?

Which creates more intimacy, a meeting in person or a hand-written letter?

The only answer is: it depends.

It’s tempting to believe that being in a store, surrounded by sights, smells, packaging, crowds and helpful salespeople delivers more interaction and sales than a catalog. But a company like Zingerman’s manages to make a can of sardines sound far more exciting than it would at the deli.

When we communicate, the real issue isn’t how many bits of information are available. Instead, I think there are three forces at work:

Are we using all the information we can? (The baker can choose how the store smells and how the display looks).

Are we showing up with permission, in the right moment?

Is there a path to emotional connection and trust?

Whether it’s connecting with an old friend or hearing from a politician, there’s no universal hi-rez option. It’s more complicated than that.