The traffic metaphors

Your mileage may vary.

Speeding up to get to a red light faster just wastes energy.

Honking doesn’t make traffic go away.

Doesn’t matter how fancy your car is, it’s not worth very much if they close the road.

One of the worst ways to get to where you’re going is to always drive in the fastest moving lane and avoid any toll roads. The flow of traffic isn’t always going where you want to go.

Following another car will eventually get you lost.

If you don’t stop to refuel, you’re going to get stranded.

Giving someone a chance, or the right of way, and letting them into traffic doesn’t really slow you down that much.

In our culture, we give way too many resources to cars and their efficiency and not enough to pedestrians and the opportunities that they deserve.

The map is not the territory, but a map is a good thing to have.

Acceleration is overrated. Persistence, good directions and a reliable vehicle almost always beat horsepower.