The ones who didn’t help

If 2% of a population takes coordinated action, it makes a difference. If 5% do, it can change everything.

This simple math also means that most people rarely do anything. Perhaps they don’t care. Perhaps they’re afraid to speak up and commit. And perhaps it’s simply easier to go along for a free ride.

Of course it hurts when friends and colleagues we thought we could count on shirk and hide. But everyone has their own narrative, their own issues, their own fears. We can say, “if I were you,” but we’re not them, they are.

When we focus on the ones who didn’t help, we’re undermining our work. It’s a distraction and a disservice.

Shun the non-believers. Ignore the well-meaning but unmoved. Instead, we have the chance to find and connect and celebrate the people who care enough to make a difference.

Toward better.