Who will you share it with?

Books used to be a solitary endeavor.

Ironically, it took the network effect and noise of the web to flip that idea upside down.

Now, a book is a totem, a chance to share, an item to be discussed, a physical instantiation of an idea that can be drawn on, exchanged or simply sit on your desk.

On Saturday, in dozens of countries around the world, the volunteers behind the Carbon Almanac will be holding book signings to celebrate the launch of this project. I’ll be doing three, and I hope you’ll stop by and say hello if you can. (Details and venues are here). It’s a world record signing because it’s the only world we’ve got–and we are all authors of our future.

Why a book and not a website?

Because the book is complete, coherent and represents a moment in time. Because a book can create a conversation and an event. Because we hope you’ll buy three.

Why three?

Because when you hand someone a book that they might not have thought to buy on their own, you can talk about it.

And that’s what’s missing in this urgent but largely ignored moment.

The conversation.

The peer-to-peer interactions that help us make up our minds and then take action.

You know someone who needs to understand what’s happening, because they care enough about our future that they’d actually like to know.

Get them a copy. Hold your own signing. Talk about it and then see the systems that are changing our world. We need to start now. We are all authors of our future. And doing nothing is a choice, but one that we’ll regret.

The book is already a #1 bestseller in Italy and the United States and available in the Netherlands as well. Thank you for supporting it.

PS here’s another try at inserting our team’s launch video. Sorry about the tech glitch.