White glove service

It’s not about the gloves.

The pointlessness of the white gloves is actually a big part of it.

Good service meets expectations. It is the fulfillment of a promise to the customer.

White glove service goes far beyond that. It is designed to surprise and delight. It creates a connection with the recipient that goes beyond a simple transaction, already paid for. It is a signal of care and respect, of gratitude and abundance.

As soon as we start to wonder if slightly smudged grey gloves are okay (“no one will notice,”) or look to others for what is acceptable, then we might as well simply do the minimum.

It’s possible your organization has just saved a ton of money by moving online–no longer paying rent, upkeep or overhead on a local sales facility. One way to replace this demonstration of stability and commitment is to invest in white glove service instead.

Because it is an investment.

It pays off in loyalty, in word of mouth and in employee satisfaction as well.

If you do it right. Which means you need to do it all the way. Or don’t bother.