Dawani’s Law

“The number of people who say that Moore’s Law can’t continue doubles every 24 months.”

Even if you don’t understand this at first, it’s worth a second to understand it.

Moore’s Law, now nearly sixty years old, describes a simple engineering fact that has changed the life of everyone on the planet. The number of transistors that can be put on a chip doubles every two years. This doesn’t sound like much, but if you double even a number as small as 2 thirty times, it increases to more than a billion.

If the price of a house followed Moore’s Law, you could buy a mansion for a few pennies. Moore’s law describes the tech path that gives us artificial intelligence, smart phones and the internet.

And ever since he described the law, experts have been pointing out that it won’t continue, it can’t continue and we’ve exhausted any chance for more progress.

Like most things, it probably won’t go on forever. But that doesn’t mean it’s done.

Perhaps our job is to create the conditions for things to get better, not to predict that they won’t.

HT to Jay.