Points of view

The closer we look at what other people believe and do, the more clear it is that our view of the world doesn’t precisely match theirs.

It never has, but now it’s magnified. The things we thought were a given, aren’t. No one believes what I believe, not exactly.

How is it possible, we wonder, that people like us don’t believe what we believe or do what we do? Not just people we don’t know, but the people we do know.

And how do we dig in to overcome magnified divisions to find shared objectives, to fight for justice and dignity and what’s right at the same time we connect with people we might be inclined to push away…

Simply asking the question helps us find a way forward. Realizing that people don’t know what we know, don’t believe what we believe. And most of all, that they have a noise in their head, just as we do.