The small world questions

Without a doubt, the world has become more connected, noisier and more complex. But along the way, we’re still applying our instincts from a century ago, from a planet of villages and different expectations.

Rhetorical questions worth considering as we think about what’s normal. Where does here end and there begin? Is there a line between freedom and responsibility?

Is it okay to:

  • Drive at 80 mph in a school zone?
  • Smoke on an airplane?
  • Spam a list of email addresses?
  • Use a gas-powered leaf blower?
  • What if it’s against local regulations?
  • Shoplift?
  • Pirate an ebook?
  • Ride a scooter on the sidewalk?
  • Aggressively market addictive painkillers while concealing the dangers?
  • Send kids to a school where they don’t learn to read or write?
  • Dump garbage from your factory into the river? The atmosphere?
  • Play loud music at midnight in your apartment?
  • Not get a polio vaccine for kids?
  • Actively fund construction on a new coal plant?

No right answers, but urgent questions at scale.