Books for your solstice

In the Northern Hemisphere, it gets dark in December.

And worldwide, people buy gifts for whatever holidays they celebrate, and a lot of them are around the corner.

For both reasons, books!

The Carbon Almanac was an Amazon Editor’s choice, a Do Lectures top 100 choice, a bestseller in every country it has been released in and ideal for anyone over the age of ten.

Several organizations are buying a copy of the Almanac for their annual gifts, and if enough of us share enough copies, the world will change. It already is.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow is a magical romp, a heartbreaking love story and a ton of fun.

The Flavor Equation is a terrific cookbook and also a useful inquiry into taste. The audiobook was free with my membership, but I confess that the hardcover is a lot more useful and a better gift too.

Kafka on the Shore is a mind-bending coming-of-age story, and the audiobook is simply perfect.

All the Birds in the Sky is poignant, fun and it will make you think. A lot.

The Very Nice Box is a lovely book with a message that will resonate.

Whether it’s by candlelight or on a beach, I hope you have a lovely end to the year.