(Without the bad parts)

That makes it easy.

“I’m in favor of unfiltered online commentary (without the misogyny, racism and mob manipulation.)”

“I’d like to run a marathon (without getting tired).”

“I’m in favor of strict copyright law (except for the endless © trolls and with just the right amount of fair use when it serves my agenda).”

“I’d like convenience (without a loss of quality or an increase in waste.)”

“I’m in favor of strong, certain authority (without the demagogues, unfairness and lack of resilience.)”

“I’m in favor of unbridled free markets (without the side effects, monopolies and market failures.)”

“I’d like to create important work (without getting nervous or feeling like an imposter.)”

“I’m in favor of everyone having a car (without the sprawl, pollution and injuries.)”

“I’m in favor of meetings where everyone has a voice (without endless meetings).”

Sometimes, it’s possible to reduce the bad parts. But that takes considerable focus, effort and commitment. It’s not free. You can’t expect them to go away on their own.

It might not seem like a feature to you, but the bad parts are often the flip side that allows the other part to exist.

And sometimes, the bad parts are built into the system itself. In which case, you can’t be in favor of the good parts without accepting the reality of the bad.