Finding the others

Consider a new community for professionals to connect without hustle. Peer-to-peer support, brainstorming, community workshops, coaching, dailies and more.

Distributed work doesn’t have to be disconnected work.

Freelancing, creating, and leading can feel solitary, even lonely, but they don’t need to be.

And most of all, we can get better.

Better together.

Our best work is far more likely to happen when we have peers. You’re likely to become the average of the people you spend professional time, so choosing your cohort is best not left to chance.

More people are working away from the office than ever before, but we all miss the best moments of solidarity and connection that can happen around the mythical water cooler. Finding your people and leading together can change everything.

There are 500 of us now, in a community of practice. It’s an evolving, focused community of professionals. Around the world and around the clock, people who care about their work and about each other. We’re only enrolling 1,000 people this week.

It costs $20 a week and the first week is free if you use the code TOGETHER.

I hope you can check it out.