Five things to do today

Spring cleaning and all that:

1. Don’t forget to check out the details for: Seth’s Blog: Please come to a seminar in my office.

2. Sign up for an RSS reader. You can check all your blogs at once just by visiting a website or loading a program. Click on the odd logo for the easiest one I’ve found:
Subscribe with Bloglines

3. Send a thank you note to three people you work with.

4. If you live in a house, have your furnace checked. Ours was backed up and almost killed us all. If you live in an apartment, go ahead and get tenant’s insurance. It’s pretty cheap and you’ll thank me one day.

5. Make a list of the five most useful blogs you read and email the list to six clueless friends. If everyone who reads blogs daily did this, the number of clueless people might actually go down (hey, a guy can dream.)

Thanks for your support. Enjoy your spring. (For those in Australia and other places that are closer to penguins, enjoy your fall.)