Squidoo samples

When I published everyone’s an expert, I promised that today we’d publish some sample lenses. So we did. Included, you’ll find a job seeker, an entrepreneur and an activist. I’ve also included the first draft of my lens, which I built with our lensbuilder tool, not using Photoshop as a mockup tool. See: Squidoo: sample lenses.

The beta starts today, and this seems as good a time as any to thank the four summer interns who took a risk and worked with me for two months on this: Aaron Sagray, Greg Narain  Harper Reed and Corey Brown. Corey’s joined our team full time. We did this as an intense, focused exercise, building out every page, every bit of logic and wireframe in a short window… giving us the base to evolve from.

Since August, the astounding Squidoo team has included Corey, Gil Hildebrand, Jr., Megan Casey and Heath Row. These guys have been amazing. You can read about them (and see their lenses) and about board members Tom Cohen and Lisa Gansky on the Squidoo site once we open it to the public in a few weeks.