The Rocky Horror Blog

In my free ebook about blogs (Who’s There?) I write about three kinds of blogs: cat blogs, boss blogs and blogs designed to spread ideas. Shame on me, I left out a fourth kind, a kind that is growing in popularity and influence.

Remember the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Some people saw the movie 10 or a hundred times. They knew the lines by heart. And audience interaction wasn’t just welcome, it was almost required. Throwing toast at the screen was part of the deal.

I think we’re seeing the rise of the RH blog. These are blogs with a posse, a cadre of loyal readers who participate by chat, comments or in a tightly-knit circle of blogs. The goal of the blogger is to put fuel on the fire and to keep the existing audience engaged. The ideas don’t have to be new, and they don’t have to spread, but the blog is a great way to create and maintain this community of fellow travelers.