Free stuff, self-promotion and repetition

Just in case you aren’t tired of me and my endless prattling on about my book, today is pub day, so I’ve got a laundry list of neat stuff for you. It actually makes me extremely uncomfortable to mention something twice on my blog, but I’ve found that if there’s content or a gift involved, readers actually appreciate it. Forgive me if you don’t, please. If, against all odds, you are tired of the endless flogging, feel free to click ahead to the next post.

Tom Peters is featuring a quick interview that you might enjoy. Thanks to Erik and Shelley for the hard work.

Typepad has chosen the book as their book of the month. Even better,they’re offering 10 free Typepad accounts (worth $150 each) and a hundred 15% off-for-life discounts (worth even more if you blog for 100 years as I expect to!) to randomly selected new users who write to them in the next week. The free accounts go to random entries from the first 100 correct entries received. (In order to win, they want you to put a seven letter brand name as the subject line of the email. The answer can be found here.)

800 CEO READ is offering very aggressive pricing on bulk orders (not just on my book, on just about any business book). Give them a call and ask.

John Jantsch has an audio interview and so does Across the Sound.

And finally, if you want an autographed book plate, just send me a self addressed stamped envelope (Seth Godin, 3 West Main St, Irvington NY 10533) and let me know if you want me to sign my name or someone else’s (probably worth a lot more… I do a very good JD Salinger) and I’ll send it over.

PS I changed the rules for the Tiny Q&A session. It was getting to be a hassle for some people.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of our promotional announcement. Look at the bright side…it’s better than pledge week on pubic TV. Well, not a lot better, but shorter.