Free Tribes ebook

In honor of today’s publication of my new book, Tribes, I asked the people who joined the online triiibe group to write an ebook.

And they did. It’s more than 240 pages long, and it’s free.

Download CurrentTribesCasebook.pdf

You can get it from the link above. Feel free to share it or post it or print it, but please don’t sell it.

Context: Three months ago, I posted just once about joining a private online group (it’s on Ning… sort of like Facebook, but by invitation only). Well, quite a few people joined in, and about 10% became seriously active. On good days, there’s a new post every minute or two. There are hundreds of groups, thousands of discussions and a lot of energy. The triiibe taught me a great deal about the dynamics of a group, and they’ve been a terrific resource, not just for me, but for each other. This ebook represents some of their thinking. The group remains closed, but feel free to start one of your own.

PS the photos on the inside flap of the book are not just the people in the triiibe. They are every photo I could squeeze in that got sent to me by readers in May. I have to confess I’m inspired every time I see it.