Over the last few months, I've tried experimenting with leveraged
ways to teach and engage, and I thought it would be worth doing a recap.
The short version: digital tools make it easier than ever to create
events and experiences that work–without the risky staffing and
trappings and overhead that used to be required.

THE ROAD TRIP: In two weeks I'll be in DC for the second in a series of all-day interactive events. Minnesota is in August and Chicago is September. You can see video and photos from the first event in Boston here. (There are less than 12 full-day seats left in DC and perhaps six in Chicago…) The people I met in Boston were amazing, and the volunteers who pitched in made the event sing (I think you'll enjoy their page). The juxtaposition of a large group in the morning and a more intimate group for the rest of the day makes it interesting.

MEETUP: I've updated the original post with a few pictures. More are here. Some of the people who attended got together and independently created a slick magazine. I was honored to contribute a short essay.

THE NANO: Some feedback and learnings from the short, free one-week MBA program I ran a few months ago. Not sure when it will happen again, but I'll be sure to post on it if it does.

BOOK PAGE: It's been updated.

I think we've overlooked what a sea change has occurred in just a few years, when anyone with an idea can expose it directly to the rest of the world. What these events have in common is that they would have been impossible just five
or ten years ago. The cost of entry is lower, and the access to the market is greater…