The business of food

Everybody eats. Every day.

I’m thrilled to announce a new workshop, one that could change the way you work (and have an impact on the rest of us).

There are few products or services with as universal a demand, or where the side effects are so profound. Too often, there’s insufficient access to food, harmful health impacts, inefficient supply chains, and a reliance on petrochemicals–these are problems and these are opportunities as well.

This year, humans will spend more than seven trillion dollars on food. That food will do more than simply keep us alive, it will make us feel alive, change our culture and impact the planet.

The good news is that there’s more leverage than ever before. More power to more people. More chances to make a difference and to make a living doing it.

This is your chance to understand the ecosystem and to actually do something about it.

We’re inviting you to check out our new workshop. The Business of Food is based on one of the most popular courses at the top-ranked Haas business school at UC Berkeley. And it’s taught by the bestselling author, entrepreneur and ruckus maker Will Rosenzweig.

He’s joined by colleagues from the food industry (including Danny Meyer and Alice Waters), as well as a cohort from his Berkeley course.

Here’s a conversation I had with Will a few weeks ago:

This new seminar sits alongside the others that we’re now calling The Akimbo Workshops. More than 50,000 people have been through one of our online courses and seminars, and now we’re inviting experts to lead some new workshops we’re putting together.

The Business of Food Workshop is, like all of our workshops, a chance for you to develop your own point of view, to try out ideas surrounded by people on a similar journey. Our discussion boards are active 24 hours a day, with the typical participant posting more than 100 essays or projects over time.

Will is focused on the big picture, but he has the experience and passion to help you turn that into practical steps you can take as you seek to build something that matters.

Signups begin today, and the first session starts soon. Will’s work is game-changing and we’d like you to be a part of it.

The Business of Food might be a good fit if:

  • You’re considering an entrepreneurial venture
  • You work in food policy
  • You care about the ecosystems around us
  • You already work in a food-adjacent industry
  • You’re actively considering making a leap and want to understand the systems thinking that can change our culture and our health for the better.

You can find all the details here. If you click on the green leaf that we hid for blog readers, you’ll save some money on tuition–but the discount decreases every day.

I’m eager to have you check this out–change is happening, and we need your contribution.